196 pages     Revised Edition - August 2021
ISBN- 9780578947778


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"Good Waiters Don't Serve Prunes"

   A Humorous Memoir by

            K.L. LAYTIN, Ph.D.

"The near universal experience of teenagers working in the food service industry, but not like this."

A true story from the late 1960s recounting the behavior of 24 teenage boys who served food to hundreds of guests at a large hotel.
You will laugh out loud reading about busboys and waiters breaking rules of quality customer service, breaking rules of sanitation and violating kosher traditions.

It was a place where kosher food was prepared by Chinese chefs who did not speak English, waiters were not allowed to write orders down, even with multiple tables of eight and ten people and where management tried to minimize the expense of feeding their army of teenage boys, by giving them stale and sour leftovers. The mistakes, the chaos in the kitchen and dining room and the organized theft of food by hungry teenage boys will make you laugh and shock you. Their extra work assignments, including "Gigolo Duty," where they were required to mingle at night with the older female guests, particularly the blue hair and prune juice crowd, will make you shake your head in disbelief.

A coming of age story, the book follows the early career of (now) Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. K.L. Laytin, when he left the Bronx as an inexperienced busboy, rose to waiter and then to Captain of the Waiters, earning college tuition at the only hotel of its kind - a kosher hotel in the middle of dairy cows and chicken farms in rural Connecticut.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, although no one was really innocent.

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